January Reset in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome back to The Soapbox for most people, January is the time to work hard and do all the things they will not be able to maintain the rest of the year. Not me, I like to remove things in January, to clear the way for better in the coming year. Here are my Top 5 Ways to reset and rebalance after the over-indulgences of the Christmas period.

1.Drink your Water

Water is your best friend, it helps flush out toxins from all over the body, helps increase brain functionality and helps clear the skin. We all need different amounts of water for optimal benefits, but a rule of thumb is to drink a cup of water every waking hour. Some people (via TikTok university) are putting a pinch of Bicarbonate Soda in their water to mineralize it. I spoke to an ER Doctor about this and they said it was wholly unnecessary and a lot of sodium to consume, so I came up with a compromise; to only add bicarbonate soda to the first drink of water of the day. This will rehydrate you immediately after your nighttime draught, without accumulating too much sodium in your system throughout the day.

2. Simplify your skincare routine

During the pandemic, most of us went HAM on skincare buying up everything and applying 50/11 (pronounced 50,11) things on our skin. Now that life is back to normal and we are fully in a cost-of-living crisis we need to streamline our pockets and skincare. Overconsumption of products is not sustainable, nor is it necessary. On my acne-prone, combination skin, I use 6 things, which take up all of 5 minutes, is very easy, time efficient and budget-friendly.

  1. Cleansing Oil – removes makeup and SPF
  2. Rose water to rehydrate and rebalance my skin (acts like a gentle toner)
  3. Vitamin C serum – to brighten and tone skin.
  4. Moisturiser – something light that works to keep my skin soft
  5. Shea Magnifique / Shea Joy – to seal my skin and add protection and nutrients.
  6. SPF sun protection for sun protection and hyperpigmentation. (only in the AM)

3. Get moving!

Exercise is great for many reasons, it releases endorphins helping elevate your mood, it helps increase circulation, so you get a natural healthy glow and it helps increase mobility and brain function. There are absolutely no guarantees that movement will make your life longer or you’ll go through life happy as Larry on speed BUT, you are more likely to feel better doing it than not. Reach has shown that people who do gentle exercise daily are less prone to disease, mobility issues and bad skin (that’s not true, but it feels like it should be).

4. Eat whole

Over Christmas, we tend to eat too more, more fat and more sugar, more everything, and our skin and bodies suffer for it. We have less energy, more breakouts, poor circulation and brain fog. To remedy this, in January (or throughout the year) we can focus on adding more whole foods to our diet and reducing processed food like sausages, and other prepackaged foods. Eating whole means consciously seeking foods that contain whole grains, foods that fuel the body. This is because most foods are processed to nothing, during the “processing” of the food, the wholegrain is generally removed and sugar and salt are added for taste, what is left is nutritionally devoid an high in sugar, fat and salt. This means we eat more often because these foods do not sufficiently fuel our bodies but rather tickle our pleasure centres. By eating whole, you’ll be increasing your intake of nutrients from your food, using food for wellness and fuel (its original intent), rather than just for enjoyment. You’ll eat less but have more energy, hair and skin will improve and you’ll be more regular, this will also reduce your sugar and salt intake, removing brain fog and improve your skin. Examples of whole foods that are minimally processed are wheat flour for bread,  wild unprocessed rice, raw nuts, most vegetables, and basically anything that comes directly from the soil.

5. Rest

Most people don’t prioritise rest enough and we have a weird negative association with it, but rest is essential to sustaining a healthy well-balanced lifestyle. As mothers, we are often the linchpin to Christmas, bringing the magic and that is physically and mentally exhausting. We need time after the Christmas rush to rebalance and take time for ourselves. The antithesis of stress is, rest helps heal so many things physically and mentally. There is more cooking, cleaning, and general activity which can be draining, but we are superheroes, so we get it done. However, January is a great time to sit back and relax a little. You can do active rest like taking up a hobby, getting creative… sex or whatever you do for fun. Not resting can lead to a multitude of health issues like stress, high blood pressure, skin rashes and even death. So yeah, it is important, so make it a priority in your life all year round, but especially after stressful events, it is important for you to make time to recuperate and regenerate as you not only bring the magic, you are the magic!

Until next time, remember that you are the magic and remember to always be good to yourself.


Lioness, Formulator and Founder



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