Why you need the African Sapo Sponge

What is the African Sapo Sponge?

The reason you need the African Sapo Sponge is because it will leave you with cleaner, softer smoother skin for up to two years. Made of a woven nylon net, the “sponge” washes away dirt, grime and dead skin from the skin without stressing the skin out or cause damage to the surface. I know it as “Sapo” which is the Ghanaian name for it but different people call it different things and it all depends on what part of West Africa they are from, essentially it is an exfoliating net used to clean the body.

The African Sapo Sponge is not a sponge at all in fact but a nylon net that is used predominantly by West Africans to clean the body. Originating from the fishing communities of the coast, we don’t know who did it first but it is the number one cleaning tool in most West African households. Coming in three textures, rough, medium and gentle, we use it daily to gently exfoliate the skin. Lond and stretchy, it helps the user reach areas like the back and buttocks with ease.

Why Do You Need The African Spao Sponge?

Because you want softer, smoother, cleaner skin. No matter your skin types your skin will benefit from removing dirt, grime, dead skin and excess oil and that’s why you need this one tool. Traditionally it is used on children and adults of all ages, in itself it is non-irritating and can be paired with your preferred cleaner.

Who can use the African Sapo Sponge?

Suitable for anyone with skin, however, it is especially good for those with dry skin, eczema and acne-prone skin because it helps keep the skin clean by removing dead skin and dirt that can cause flare-ups and acne breakouts. Perfect for the whole family, the African Sapo sponge is a great way to teach children how to clean themselves properly, it comes in an array of bright colours, and is stretchy and fun to use. It is also great for him, it is rough enough to remove sweat and built up dry skin so his skin is cleaner and feels softer.

Do I need to wash it?

Made using woven nylon, this material is robust and long-lasting and non-irritating to the skin (unless you are allergic). The magic of the net is that it dries very quickly so doesn’t allow bacterial growth like other washing tools on the market. All you have to do is dampen it and use it, then rinse off and hang it to dry.

How Do I Use The African Sapo Sponge?

  1. Dampen your sapo with water
  2. Use your natural soap bar to build a rich lather
  3. Apply lathered sapo over your body from the neck to your toes. When you reach your back, stretch it across your back and grab it from your shoulder and your side and go back and forth.
  4. Once you have finished washing, wash away all traces of suds from your skin using your sapo. Wash with clean water and hang to dry.
  5. Repeat daily for softer, smoother, cleaner skin.

Can I Use It On My Face?

We recommend that you don’t. It is a relatively rough material that I perfect for cleaning the body, but the skin on your face is a little more delicate so we recommend a cotton washcloth for anything above the neck.

How Long Does It Last?

Over time your African Sapo Sponge will dull, which is perfectly normal and by design. Once you feel it is too soft, you can replace it, however, we recommend you can use it for up to two years.

Why you need the African Sapo Sponge.

  1. Creates more foam, reducing water usage.
  2. Travel friendly.
  3. It dries fast, preventing bacterial growth.
  4. Lasts for 2 years.
  5. You need a new one every two years.
  6. Removes dirt, sweat and dead skin effectively.
  7. Easy to keep clean.
  8. Suitable for all skin types.
  9. Makes access the hard-to-reach places easy due to its stretchiness.
  10. It massages the skin, increasing blood circulation.
  11. Makes your soap last longer.
  12. Suitable for all ages.

Love the sound of the African Sapo Sponge, you can purchase one from our shop here

There you have it, everything you need to know about the African Sapo Sponge and a little more.

Be good to yourself.

GoodNatured Team

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