Our Story

Borne out of frustration and created from love, GoodNatured Skincare started from a seed planted in natural healing. Rooted in African beauty and wellness traditions, our holistic skincare range centres self-care. Using powerful botanicals and principles of traditional medicine, we formulate gentle and effective skincare for the healing of the body, mind and spirit. 

oUR ORIGIN story

What Had Happened Was...

Our story began in 2016, when my son developed dry itchy skin, which escalated to eczema, an incurable (but manageable) inflammatory skin condition. We initially followed instructions and used all the prescribed and over the counter skin care products we could find. We even tried natural soaps
and moisturisers but for one reason or another they all fell short of our expectations. Some were ineffective, and others more worryingly, worsened his skin. We both became
disheartened and frustrated with the lack of effective, natural skincare products available to us, so I decided to do something about it myself.

Feel Good Natural Skincare

Explore our range of holstic, natual skincare that calls on the best of African 

botanicals to soothe your skin and invgorate yor senses.

a seed was planted

Wellness Rooted in Culture...

I leaned into my Sierra Leonian culture, learning about traditional herbs, oils and other skin care and beauty practices from my mother and other women in my community. The mission was to heal my son’s skin using our native natural and holistic approach.

Free from preservatives, synthetic colours or fragrance, i created all-natural skincare that soothed and nourished my sons skin back to health. His skin was no longer dry, no longer itchy and his confidence grew, and he returned to the playful, happy little boy he was before his skin woes. It was so good I too ditched my chemical filled shower gels and beauty bars. My oily acne prone skin smoothed out and cleared up, my skin was unrecognisable and stayed that way

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Be good to yourself

Beauty Found in Wellness

I was in awe of my culture and all i had discoverd about it. I also loved how natural herbs, oils and butters transformed peoples lives for the better and a seed was planted. That seed grew and eventually blossomed into GoodNatured Skincare. 

We are a natural skincare brand rooted in African beauty and wellness traditions. Our holistic approach to skincare centres wellness though self-care. Our mission is to make slef-care easy by creating natural and effective skincare that bring wellness and bralnce to the body, mind and spirit.  

Be good to yourself.