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Africa’s finest botanicals combine to create a unique selection of nourshing and restorative self-care products that balance the body, mind and spirit. 

Moisturising shea nut oil for dry skin

Shea Magnifique

Au Naturel Unscented shea butter soapAu Naturel Unscented shea butter soap

Au Naturel



Plant-powered to restore and
revive your skin.


Better skin through traditional
African seeds, clays & herbs


Gentle formula from synthetic
colours and fragrances/


Beauty and Wellness Made Easy

Inspired by ideas of slow living, mind/body connection, and daily rituals, we create natural and effective skincare rooted in aromatherapy and African beauty and wellness traditions. We believe self-care should be an enjoyable and simple act of ritual wellness. Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and harsh chemicals, our green beauty products seek only to bring to the body, mind and spirit.

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