Beauty Steeped In Culture

My name is Mazel and I’m the founder and creator of GoodNatured Skincare, a brand dedicated to creating natural and effective skincare inspired by my West African roots. 

Our mission is to elevate your personal care with natural ingredients to intentionally slow down, connect, discover. We help you transition from mundane routine to mindful rituals for the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. 


Botanical Bars

Designed to put the pleasure back into bathing, our handcrafted bars are full of skin benefiting botanicals to soften, soothe, smooth whilst promoting radiant skin. Made with lashings of wild-crafted Ghanaian shea butter, their gentle cleanse smothers the skin in a rich and creamy lather. that gently cleans the skin whilst our aromatherapy blends elevate and calm the senses, so you feel on the inside and out.   

Community Spirit

Supporting Local Communities

We believe in ethically, sustainably and respectfully harnessing Africa’s botanical resources in support of small local communities. Guilt-free, green beauty is possible when small businesses like ours prioritise working with African local communities to ensure fair trade that is beneficial to those who produce the natural ingredients we use in our products.


Nutrient rich skincare to restore, and replenish the body, mind, and spirit.


Plant based & free from synthetic colours, fragrances, SLS and petroleum.


We are in support of community led, fair trade groups across Africa