GoodNatured Skincare was founded in London through necessity and a passion for all things natural. I founded this brand after unsuccessfully seeking natural skincare to treat my baby son’s eczema.

Using my knowledge of West African traditional medicine that was taught to me by my mother who was taught by her grandmother. Not only did the remedies work, his skin thrived!

Our mission is to create natural products that promote health through self-care and culture.   

Hand-crafted and made using the highest quality ingredients from across the diaspora, we are Made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients from across the diaspora,  our products are designed to soothe mind, body and spirit. 


Our name was chosen with the intention to change perceptions of black people, positively representing us in all media.  across the globe. Not only we good, our connection with nature is still very stong and we lean on it to heal and nourhsih in from within a We were taken by this name due to its rich history of being used as medicine and in perfumery to anchor scents. This herbal ingredient was quite symbolic to us: its association to the ephemeral flower and its healing properties. ‘ORRIS’ came to embody our vision for the brand: innovating through the reinterpretation of tradition and drawing inspiration from Nature.

Our ethos is to use the highest quality botanical actives to craft a line of multipurpose and effective skincare products.


GoodNatured Skincare’s botanical-based products are handcrafted in small batches in London.  Each Cold Process soap is hand-poured, mixed cut and stamped in our small Est London workshop. 

All our ingredients are handpicked not only for their skin and health benefits but also because they are harvested in Africa and the Diaspora supporting and connecting local communities.