6 Steps to Better Living

In pursuit of my happiness, I have discovered 7 steps to better living that are practical and sustainable.  Because you deserve to look and feel your best despite living in a sometimes unjust, fast-paced and disconnected world. By going against the grain and living in the moment you too can feel good and connect with the people who matter.

1.     Reduce stress.

Stress is a natural and essential response when we feel threatened (real or perceived). It controls two hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline increases heart rate, pumping oxygenated blood through the body, giving you more energy to fight or run from a threat.

Cortisol increases sugars that increase wound healing, whilst reducing nonessential functions (growth hormones, reproductive actively etc) that could hamper our attempt to fight or run from a threat. The release of these hormones is fine when you are threatened because they keeps you alive, and they usually self-regulate once the threat has gone.

The issue arises when you remain in a heightened state (stressful state) over an extended time and these hormones are no longer properly regulated. This can lead to mental and physical illnesses like anxiety, headaches, depression and acne.

One of the long-term health issues stress causes is inflammation (disruption of the immune system), this has been linked to many life-threatening diseases and to a lesser degree, skin problems like acne breakouts, eczema, hives, ranging from mild to acute.

Reducing stress is not easy, but there are tried and true practice’s that bring joy and relaxion to the mind, shifting you from fight or flight to the relaxation response, where your body is calm enough to start healing itself

Mindfulness exercises significantly reduce stress. Breathing exercises, yoga and anything that helps you to slow down, and live in the moment contributes to soothing your nerves and reducing stress.

2.     Feed your body nutrients.

You are what you eat and eating and drinking nutritionally is one of the most principal elements of wellness. Feed your body a natural, well balanced, and highly nutritional diet to look (because aesthetics matter) and feel your absolute best. No fad diets, no short-cuts, just clean, healthy food in its colourful variety

3.     Exercise.

Blood pumping sends oxygen to your organs, increasing functionality. Activity strengthens and elongates muscles, reducing chances of injury. Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins (happy hormones), so you feel good. It is a good way to look and feel good.



4. Clean your body.

Many cultures have made ceremony out of  bathing, creating rituals to soothe the mind, clean the body, and elevate the spirit. The same people who tell you not to bathe are the same people selling you a million products to combat the effects of not bathing, Funny. Your routine does not have to be overly complex, ans can be as simple as cleanse and moisturise. As natural skincare experts, we believe that natural skincare is the best option as it is rooted in healing traditions. Ditch the toxins and raise the bar on your skincare for better skin and wellness.


5.     Rest.

In this hustle culture rest is a swear word, BUT rest is essential to living well. You need to give your body, mind and spirit space, and time to relax and disconnect. There are 7 kinds of Rest and participating in each one will help you achieve the shift into relaxation mode easier.

5a)    Sleep.

A lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, and when they remain elevated it can increase inflammatory conditions like rosacea, acne and eczema. A lack of sleep also increases fine lines, dark circles and other signs of premature ageing.  Adults need at least 7 – 9 hours, so, create a bedtime routine, and stick to it for all the benefits of beauty sleep and much more.

6.     Connect

Connecting with yourself, God and your community is good for the soul. We are social beings, and we have a primal need for community and connection in order to feel fulfilled. You don’t have to love the family you were born in but you can build a family of your own wherever and whoever you are. If you can’t find your people, be the person you want to find in the world.


That is all from me this week. I hope you find this helpful, as always your feedback is welcome.

So, until next week,


Be good to yourself.



Founder & Soap Maker


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